Bristol Based Designer and Filmmaker

Jamie Bright­more

Designer & Filmmaker

I am an exper­i­enced multi-discipline designer and film­maker, cur­rently spe­cial­ising in aer­ial pho­to­graphy and video­graphy, motion con­trolled timelapse, cine­ma­to­graphy, and motion graph­ics. Addi­tion­ally, I under­take front-end web design / devel­op­ment, user inter­face design, brand iden­tity, and inter­act­ive infograph­ics projects.

I run 4mula design, a small cre­at­ive stu­dio in Bris­tol which out­puts bespoke design, web devel­op­ment, and brand pro­jects. I love the cre­at­ive industry I work within, but I also have a fas­cin­a­tion with Phys­ics, Astro­nomy, Geo­logy, Astro-physics, Time, and Cosmology.

Here’s a few words which sum me up, designer, film junkie, illus­trator, web artisan, pixel nudger, code wran­gler, UI archi­tect, typo­graphy lover, Apple addict, pho­to­grapher, time-lapse fan­atic, sci­ence junky, digital music affec­tion­ado, and turn­tab­list. Learn more about my skill sets.

Aerial Photography

An Exciting Dimension

There have been sig­ni­fic­ant advance­ments in small unmanned air­craft tech­no­logy and the demand for aer­ial pho­to­graphy and video­graphy ser­vices is increasing.

Aer­ial video­graphy, the art of film­ing from the air, can add some ser­i­ous wow factor to pro­mo­tional films and videos. Remotely piloted air­craft sys­tems allow for a pleth­ora of excit­ing shot pos­sib­il­it­ies such as; top-down ‘birds eye’ views, track­ing through geo­graphic areas, i.e, wood­lands, pan­ning around struc­tures, tilt­ing up to reveal a vista, track­ing action, and other unique per­spect­ives which can only be achieved using agile devices such as quad­copters and hexacopters.

In addi­tion to cre­at­ing amaz­ing foot­age for films and mar­ket­ing pro­mo­tions, mul­ti­copters can also be used for sur­vey­ing build­ings and struc­tures, land sur­veys, and agri­cul­tural mon­it­or­ing. They are also extremely use­ful devices for doc­u­ment­ing nat­ural events, such as flood­ing and weather damage.

I have made a com­mit­ted invest­ment into aer­ial work, attain­ing a Remote Pilot Qual­i­fic­a­tion (RPQ-s)1 from a CAA approved National Qual­i­fied Entity, with Per­mis­sions to Oper­ate gran­ted by the Civil Avi­ation Author­ity. Aside from being a legal require­ment in the UK for this type of com­mer­cial aer­ial work, this pro­cess has empowered me to oper­ate safely.

Aer­ial con­tent cap­ture using a small unmanned air­craft sys­tem is an excit­ing spe­cial­ism and the res­ults are truly stun­ning. I can offer spe­cific­ally required foot­age and images, or – com­bined with motion con­trolled timelapse and reg­u­lar film­ing – a com­plete pack­age for bespoke film commissions.

To dis­cuss an film or pho­to­graphy pro­ject con­tact me today, I am based in Bris­tol but will hap­pily travel where required. Full details on the aer­ial pro­duc­tion pro­cess can be found here.

Ser­vices provided for

  • Pro­duc­tion Companies
  • TV Com­mis­sions
  • Archi­tec­tural Surveying
  • Real Estate
  • Pro­mo­tional Videos
  • Events and Promotions
  • Mar­ket­ing Solutions
  • Agri­cul­tural Surveying
  • Ele­ment within a Commission

Sup­plied for your project

  • Pro­fes­sional Aer­ial Equipment
  • HD record­ing up to 4K
  • High Qual­ity Images
  • 1 x Remote Pilot
  • 1 x Oper­a­tions Assistant
  • Pre-Deployment Sur­vey
  • On-Site Sur­vey
  • Risk Assess­ment
  • Safety Equip­ment

Post Pro­duc­tion

  • Col­our Correction
  • Col­our Grading
  • Optim­isa­tion
  • Edit­ing
  • Motion Graph­ics
  • Deploy­ment


  • RPQ-s (SUA)1
  • CAA Per­mis­sion to Oper­ate2
  • Air Safety Trained
  • Acci­dent Man­age­ment Trained
  • Pub­lic Liab­il­ity Insur­ance Cover
  • Extens­ive Com­pos­i­tion Experience
  1. Remote Pilot Qualification (Small Unmanned Aircraft).
  2. CAA Operator ID: 514 click here to verify.
  3. Nb. Details on the aerial production process can be found here.
CAA Approved Aerial Photographer

Packages from £499.
Please contact me to discuss a project.

  • Aerial Videography Bristol
  • Aerial Photography Bristol
  • UAS Remote Pilot
CAA Approved Aerial Photographer

Packages from £499.
Please contact me to discuss a project.

Timelapse Film­ing

Beau­ti­ful Motion

Timelapse film­mak­ing is a DSLR pho­to­graphy tech­nique. Cru­cially, frames are shot using reg­u­lar inter­vals, the tim­ing of which is vari­able depend­ing on the desired result.

I’ve been prac­ti­cing the art of timelapse pho­to­graphy for over three years, imme­di­ately fall­ing in love with the rich­ness and depth that this type of film­mak­ing provides. It’s applic­a­tion can be used for all sorts of situ­ations, provid­ing a dis­tinctly unique feeling.

Con­dens­ing vari­ous peri­ods of time in a filmic way is cap­tiv­at­ing, insight­ful, and beau­ti­ful. Where lots of motion is cap­tured, the viewer will always notice dif­fer­ent things hap­pen­ing on sub­sequent view­ings. Timelapse is also an art form that every­one will enjoy watching.

The level of gran­u­lar con­trol timelapse pho­to­graphy pro­duc­tion affords is immense, from con­vey­ing smooth motion by vary­ing expos­ure length, to the huge range of post pro­duc­tion options made pos­sible by work­ing in RAW and HDR using DSLR cameras.

Along­side the core fun­da­ment­als of timelapse, the intro­duc­tion of spe­cial­ised motion con­trol equip­ment enables me to cre­ate a wide range of dynamic shots. For example, using motion sliders to provide lat­eral and ver­tical move­ment, pan and tilt con­trols, motor­ised focus pulls, track­ing along and around sub­jects from ground level, and hyper­lapse – the tech­nique of mov­ing a cam­era and tri­pod through open space at reg­u­lar inter­vals and distance.

Motion con­trolled shots adds interest and dynam­ism to com­pos­i­tions by show­ing the jux­ta­pos­i­tion of things such as fore­ground motion and lat­ent nat­ural motion, i.e, clouds etc.

Check out my showreel and other pro­jects to get a feel for my timelapse film­mak­ing work, and please feel free to con­tact me to dis­cuss a pro­ject. I am based in Bris­tol but will always travel where required.

Graphic Design

Image is Everything

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