Blender Inverted Magic Mouse + Trackpad in macOS – A working solution

I recently started using Blender 2.93 and the first thing I noticed was my Magic Mouse was inverted in regards to controlling the viewport, orbiting, etc. After a bit of searching and scratching my head, it soon became apparent there was no way to fix this within Blender, the devs had crazily changed this in 2.92 for some reason. Here’s the info from the release notes:

Follow system preference for natural trackpad scroll direction automatically, remove manual preference

After two years of using Blender, it felt like someone had chopped my right hand off and stuck it on backwards!

Anyway, here’s a solution to this issue that brings back the sweet control you’re used to.

First download Scroll Reverser (quick, it’s still free!) and install it in your Applications folder.

If you’re using a Magic Mouse like me, set Scroll Reverser up as shown in the image.

  • Blender Mouse Fix
    Blender Inverted Mouse Fix

That brings back the natural control for navigating Blender’s viewport with the Magic Mouse.

However you will now have the annoying issue of scrolling any other window, both in Blender, and across the entire macOS, will be reversed. I found an easy way to restore this, just invert the scroll direction in System Preferences by unchecking ‘Scroll direction: Natural’.

Now everything works as expected! You’re welcome : )

If this helped you out, drop me a quick comment below. Cheers.


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