"Cinematically con­dens­ing peri­ods of time is a cap­tiv­at­ing, insight­ful, and beau­ti­ful filmmaking technique. It’s an artform that anyone will indubitably enjoy."

I’ve been prac­ti­cing the art of timelapse pho­to­graphy for several years, initially fall­ing in love with the rich­ness and depth that this type of specilaised film­mak­ing provides.

The level of gran­u­lar con­trol timelapse pho­to­graphy pro­duc­tion affords is immense. It can be used for all sorts of applic­a­tions, provid­ing a distinctly unique and emotional character, ultimately revleaing hidden layers that connect us with the world.

From con­vey­ing smooth motion by varying exposure length, to the high dynamic range made possible by work­ing with RAW images from modern DSLR cameras.

I employ a wide range of techniques and equipment to cover all sorts of situations. I have a deep level of experience working with natural light, maximising and pushing dynamic range to its limits to produce shots that stand out from the crowd.

Professional Timelapse Services

The application of spe­cial­ised motion con­trol equip­ment and well honed techniques, enables me to cre­ate a wide variety of dynamic shots. Including; vista's juxtoposed with the foreground, pan and tilts, motor­ised focus pulls, and orbiting around sub­jects.

  • Slider Dolly

  • Pan and Tilt

  • Focus Pull

  • Skater Dolly

  • Hyperlapse

  • Satlapse

Recent Timelapse Films

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