Formatting an SD Card for Magic Lantern Use

I recently bought a new SD card and had to prepare the card.  Here’s a run-through of the steps for formatting an SD Card for Magic Lantern. I’ve also prepared all the files you’ll need…

Here is the process using a Mac running Yosemite, or Mavericks:

  1. Low level format your new SD card in-camera, then remove the SD card and pop it into your Mac
  2. Unzip the folder. First time use: double click macboot.command and enter your Mac’s password. The MacBoot app will open*
  3. Choose your card size in the drop down (top right)
  4. Check Make DSLR-bootable
  5. Click Prepare Card
  6. Copy your Magic Lantern files onto the SD card
  7. Eject the SD card and pop back in your camera, test ML is working.

* For future use you can simply open MacBoot.class each time.


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