"Cinematically con­dens­ing peri­ods of time is a cap­tiv­at­ing, insight­ful, and beau­ti­ful filmmaking technique. It’s an artform that anyone will indubitably enjoy."

The level of gran­u­lar con­trol timelapse pho­to­graphy pro­duc­tion affords is immense. It can be used for all sorts of applic­a­tions, provid­ing a distinctly unique and emotional character, ultimately revealing hidden layers that connect us with the world.

From con­vey­ing smooth motion by varying exposure length, to the high dynamic range made possible by work­ing with RAW images from modern DSLR cameras.

I’ve been prac­ti­cing the art of timelapse pho­to­graphy for years, initially fall­ing in love with the rich­ness and depth that this type of specilaised film­mak­ing provides.

  • BBC
  • Wallace & Gromit's Childrens Charity
  • Visit Bristol
  • Forestry Commission
  • University of Bristol
  • MoliFilms

Professional Timelapse Services

The application of spe­cial­ised motion con­trol equip­ment and well honed techniques, enables me to cre­ate a wide variety of dynamic shots. Including; vista's juxtoposed with the foreground, pan and tilts, focus pulls, and orbits.

  • Slider Dolly

  • Pan and Tilt

  • Focus Pull

  • Skater Dolly

  • Hyperlapse

  • Satlapse

Timelapse Showcase

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