Filmmaking Roundup #006

In a world with insane amounts of content, I’ve decided to hand pick some standout videos to gawp at. This is a regular feature and will showcase a mixture of cool films, tutorials, techniques, and new products.

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Filmmaking Technology

BBC makes Planet Earth look like a Hollywood Movie (1)

A great little mini series by Vox showcasing the BBC Natural History Unit here in Bristol and how they have pushed the boundaries of wildlife filmmaking in both the past and present. The series features interviews with some of the producers and is definitely worth your time. 08:48

How Wildlife Films Warp Time (2)

Part 2. featuring slow motion and timelapse techniques. Look out for Rob Whitworths‘ outstanding material which I’ve linked to before. 07:02

How BBC films the night side of Planet Earth (3)

Part 3. looks at filming nocturnal animals. 06:42

Cell Division Timelapse

Check out this amazing timelapse of cell division in a zygote by francischeefilms. A custom microscope built by the filmmaker was used to capture this sequence over 33 hours. There are quite a few people commenting their disbelief as this looks so much like a 3D render, but judging by the channel’s other timelapse uploads, I’d like to think it’s genuine. Fascinating. 00:23

1/4 MILLION Lumen Drone LED Light

So many flying lumens, insane! 07:07

Rogue One: Visual effects revealed

A nice little piece from BBC Click on the visual effects process used in Rogue One. 06:39

Cool FIlms

The Editor

A beautiful motion graphics animation which elegantly shows how editors use their craft. Wonderful. 01:51

Minsk - DroneLapse

Very surprised this didn’t make a Vimeo Staff Pick, it deserves one. Very cool piece. 01:59

2D RUN - MMP 3 (Mixed Motion Project)

This is my favourite film of the roundup. A lovely concept with eye-popping action, great shot execution, interesting locations, and a lovely soundtrack. Really like the humorous credits with bts shots too. Hats-off to these guys. 05:38

DJI - WRC Monte Carlo 2017

Great to see Rally Driving action with these dynamic shots. It won’t be long before all this is automated by tens of Skynet® connected drones. 02:01

Furka Pass In Aston Martin Rapide S

Beautiful scenery, nail biting roads, awesome car. Tempted to Furka pun this, I’ll pass. 07:27

Most Anticipated Feature Films & TV

Game of Thrones 7

What a teaser! This is how it’s done. 01:29

Alien: Covenant | Meet Walter

So excited about this film. 02:34


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