Filmmaking Roundup #004

In a world with insane amounts of content, I’ve decided to hand pick some standout videos to gawp at. This is a regular feature and will showcase a mixture of cool films, tutorials, techniques, and new products.

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Introducing the DJI Inspire 2

The DJI Inspire 2 is here at last and what a machine! Dual batteries, Dual IMU, Dual Compass, Pilot FPV camera, X5S, 67 mph top speed, CineCore 2.0…the list goes on. 05:50

Filmmaking Technology

The Circle

A short film shot entirely on the recently announced DJI Inspire 2. All things considered, it’s pretty impressive looking stuff. 13:48

Chronos 1.4 HFR Camera

Chronos 1.4 is an affordable purpose-designed, professional high-speed camera currently on Kickstarter. Frame rates range from 1,057fps at full resolution (1280×1024), up to 21,500fps at minimum resolution (640×96). 02:07

PANO | LA - 10K

Hey, that title rhymes! A mix of; technological prowess and cool film, Joe Capra  has used x2 DSLR’s synced to produce this mesmerising panoramic 10k timelapse piece, shot over two years. Beautiful work. 06:05

Cool FIlms

The One Moment

OK Go. This one is a mathematical and visual triumph. Meticulously pulled-off (that’s what she said). No Film School published some good behind the scenes info if you’re interested. 04:10

Once Upon a Time in Cappadocia

If you’ve been wondering what Rob Whitworth has been up to, wonder no more, here are three of this latest pieces. Outstanding, amazing, mind-blowing. I give up. 02:39

Faena District Miami Beach - A place like no other

By Rob Whitworth. 03:26

Planet Earth II: Cities

Hyperlapse by Rob Whitworth of Hong Kong’s city lights. This sequence is part of the last episode of Planet Earth II: Cities. 01:29

Lost Lake Oregon

Some nice new timelapse sequences from Michael Shainblum. 01:05

Black Hole Comparison

A nicely presented visual system to try and help us understand the scale of Black Holes. Truly mind bending. 04:10

Google Timelapse: London

A satellite timelapse showing London changing between 1984 and 2016. Look carefully and you can see the Millennium Dome and Olympic Park appear. The video loops x3 times. More info on Google Timelapse. 00:12

Fresh Squeeze

Nifty film shot squeezing a small drone through tight spaces using a GoPro and stabilised with ReelSteady. 01:40

Winter Light - DJI Mavic Pro

Self-promo time. I have been waiting a long time for an opportunity to film conditions like this, it was stunning! The DJI Mavic Pro did a great job, I love this little machine. 01:27

Most Anticipated Feature Film

808 - Official Trailer

808, the heart of the beat that changed music. The acclaimed documentary that chronicles the incredible legacy of the TR808 drum machine. 02:49


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