Filmmaking Roundup #002

In a world with insane amounts of content, I’ve decided to hand pick some standout videos to gawp at. This is a regular feature and will showcase a mixture of cool films, tutorials, techniques, and new products.

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DJI Mavic Pro

DJI have announced their new portable drone the Mavic Pro and the internet is buzzing with excitement about this amazing little machine. I recently compiled a comprehensive comparison with the GoPro Karma, check it out here. 04:44

AER - Throwable GoPro

These guys are Kickstarting a throwable product for your GoPro, essentially allowing you to capture aerial’ish photos and videos without using a drone. Looks like some pretty interesting and unique looking shots can be created with this thing. 00:47

Filmmaking Technology

Blackmagic URSA Mini Review

Ryan from Film Riot reviews the URSA Mini, with sample shots and Canon C300 comparison. 09:50

Fiilex AL250 Aerial Light

Drone mountable LED lights for the purposes of ad-hoc lighting for filmmaking and photography. 02:11

Why is TV 29.97 Frames Per Second?

A thorough and fascinating explaination of this relic of the analogue TV broadcasting age. 14:27

Cool Films

Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out

Another cracking film featuring Danny MacAskills’ skills. Great to see some outtakes at the end. Check this link for some behind the scenes of this production. 06:24

Monsoon III

You can throw a large bag of superlatives at this one. Outstanding timelapse footage, painstakingly captured and skilfully edited to an epic score. 07:40

Planet Unknown

Well this is just beautiful. The pace, the shots, the design, the drama, the audio… so good. 09:15


One of my favourite indy sci-fi shorts of recent years. Hope we don’t have to wait much longer for more of this. 09:46

Spaced - All the Movie References

Spaced is one of my all-time favourite UK comedies. Here’s a montage of all the movie homages from this cult classic. 08:02

Early Man by Aardman

A teaser trailer for a new stop-motion feature by Aardman Animations. 00:17

Aliens vs. Predator Stop Motion

More stop-motion action. This is an awesome piece, so much work has gone into the fluidity and aesthetics. 07:20

Planet Earth II : Trailer

Ten years on, a sequel to this landmark natural history series really needs no introduction. This will be special. 01:00

Most Anticipated Feature Film

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Trailer 2)

Beyond excited for this. Here’s the brand new trailer. 02:38


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