Filmmaking Roundup #001

In a world with insane amounts of content, I’ve decided to hand pick some standout videos to gawp at. This is a regular feature and will showcase a mixture of cool films, tutorials, techniques, and new products.

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Slingshot – Motion Control Timelapse Cable Cam

New Zealand based cinematography tool manufacturer Syrp have just launched a cool cable cam system for long-track timelapses up to 300ft (100m). 03:34

GoPro HERO5 + Karma: The Launch

The long awaited Karma ‘system’ from GoPro was finally announced this week. You’d expect nothing less than an very well made, emotive promotional film and this doesn’t disappoint. 04:02

Filmmaking Technology

Movie Captures Amazing Milky Way With Canon MH20F-SH Shooting At 400,000 ISO

The low light monster from Canon is showcased in style by Uncage the Soul Productions with real-time footage using the Milky Way as a backdrop, insane. Great little film. I need this camera, unfortunately it costs around $20k, urgh yeah! 06:15

Laowa Water Repelling Frog Eye Coating (FEC)

Check out this very desirable feature for preventing water droplets on camera lenses. It’s like a real frog’s eye, you could even use your tongue to clean it. 00:41

How Phantom Cameras are Made

Gav of Slow Mo Guys fame, visits Vision Research to see where the world’s Phantom cameras are made. 11:54

Cool Films

Northern Lights shot with a Drone

Absolutely stunning shots by OZZO Photography of Iceland’s night sky shot using a DJI Matrice 600, Sony A7Sii, and Sigma 20mm 1.4. 01:46

The Evolution Of Stop-motion

Vugar Efendi has complied a lovely film to show the evolution of stop-motion animation throughout the years. I particularly love the first shot. 03:03


Henning M. Lederer has animated a series of vintage book graphics. Love this. 05:05

8k Colors Of New York 2016

Outstanding hyperlapse work in this colourful film shot by the talented Jansoli around New York. 04:07


I watched this again recently and had to include it here. Beautifully creative aerial cinematography and featuring a dramatic and somewhat unnerving ‘vertigo’ / zoom dolly effect. Sublime. 03:46

Celestial Dynamics

A journey across the stars and heavens through antiquated astronomical diagrams. 01:39

BRISSTOL - Principia Mission

Shameless self-plug. Have a gander if you’ve not seen my film tracking the ISS around Bristol during Tim Peake and the Principia Mission. 01:27

Most Anticipated Feature Film

Arrival Trailer #1 (2016) - Paramount Pictures

I’m pretty excited to see this film. It’s out in theatres in November 2016. 02:25


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