Visual Effects Work for Competition Film ‘Alter’

Some friends of mine asked me to be involved in a short film they were making for the 2015 Reed Short Film Competition. The competition theme was simply ‘The Question’.

Mark Henderson and Thomas Brooks wrote a screenplay to be produced on a very small budget. We shot the film in one day and the whole production was completed within 10 days.

  • alter-production-still-1
    Lee Bane


  • alter-production-still-2
    Thomas Brooks
  • alter-production-still-3
    Mark Henderson

Visual Effects and Design

My involvement entailed creating the visual effects and the graphic design elements. The VFX included; some fire suppression gas, an animated computer screen user interface, and a few little tweaks here and there such as masking out light sources.

I also did some location photography, created the film’s identity, designed the poster, and typeset the end credits. Thoroughly enjoyable stuff!

  • alter-production-still-4
    Suppression Gas
  • alter-production-still-5
    Screen UI
  • alter-production-still-6


I absolutely love working on things like this. It was especially nice to work alongside good friends, we had a lot of fun. The enthusiasm and spirit of all involved was inspiring.

The Film

“The birth of a new Quantum Computer hails in the ability to answer any question, a team of engineers must fight to save the World but in doing so must figure out how to save themselves.”

A film by Mark Henderson and Thomas Brooks. “Alter” stars Jason Bailey, Lee Bane and Andy Gillion. Music composed by Will Hyde. Boom Operator James Young. Edited by Mark Henderson.


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