Shaun in the City : London – Promotional Film

I have been commissioned by Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity to produce four short films for the Shaun in the City art trails in London and Bristol.

The films are to cover the press and public launches, along with specialised timelapse, aerial, and live action footage of the trails themselves.

  • Shaun in the City - Press Launch
    London Press Launch
  • Shaun in the City - Covent Garden
    Covent Garden
  • Shaun in the City - Installation
    Night Installation

The first of the four films is to promote the ‘Shaun in the City – London’ trail. I did various shoots around the City in late March.

Firstly, covering the press launch day where some of the sculptures were displayed in a pen at Moor London near Tower Bridge. A f’ewe more colourful bleaters were seen being towed around a loop over and around Tower Bridge, by a green tractor. Watching people’s reaction to this was amusing : )

Secondly, I joined the crew to capture the installation around the city at night which was good fun, but pretty hectic, so unfortunately there wasn’t much time to set up any motion controlled shots.

Lastly I walked around the city for a couple of days capturing the public enjoying the sculptures in situ. I was fortunate with the weather, all week in fact. Windy and cloudy, but with plenty of sunny breaks.

  • Filming Equipment
    Location Kit
  • Shaun in the City - Baa-roque
    Filming near St.Pauls
  • Shaun in the City - Nelson

During the shooting of this film, I used various motion controlled techniques including using; my self-built skater dolly, 4ft slider, panning system, along with some Hyperlapse work.

The timelapse sequences were processed using Lightroom and After Effects CC, editing and grading in Premiere Pro CC.

Music composed by Will Hyde.

Here is the film. Enjoy!


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