DJI Ronin-S: Tips, Tricks, Controls, and Settings

Update: The Ronin S2 has been launched! Post to follow.

The DJI Ronin-S is a versatile tool and there are lots of hidden features and useful configurations. This rolling post will provide useful info for filmmakers.

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Example parameter sets coming soon.


Latest firmware info.

Ronin-S v2.0.0.90 2019.09.26
iOS / Android App v1.2.4 2019.09.26

What’s New?


Listed below is a table full of useful functions.

  • Double click trigger -or-
  • Configuration > Settings > Recenter
Recenters the gimbal.
Sport mode
  • Hold ‘M’ button.
Enables fast smooth tracking when moving the gimbal.
Sport mode [Lock]
  • Press and hold the ‘M’ button to enter Sport mode.
  • Then press the trigger twice to remain in Sport mode.
  • Repeat the steps to exit Sport mode.
Locks the Sport mode for fast smooth tracking when moving the gimbal.
3D Roll 360
  • Configuration > Control Settings > 3D Roll 360 > On / Off
Allows dynamic rolling while moving.
Auto Roll 360
  • In Flashlight mode, assign roll axis control to channel 3.
  • Push the joystick left or right twice to enable Auto Roll 360.
  • Press the trigger twice to stop Auto Roll 360.
The gimbal rotates continuously without needing to hold the joystick.

It can stop precisely at the start position.

Note: Auto Roll 360 only works when 3D Roll 360 is disabled.

Motor Pause
  • Double click Power button -or-
  • Configuration > Settings > Motor Pause
Sleeps the gimbal without powering off the battery to save power.

Gimbal motors will be disabled. Indicated by green user profile light pulsing.

Auto Tune
  • Hold trigger and ‘M’ button for 3 seconds.
  • Configuration > Motor Parameters > Auto Tune
Calibrates the gimbal for optimum use.

Perform when powering on and/or changing lenses, balancing, etc.

Disable Selfie mode
  • Configuration > Settings > More > Disable Selfie Mode
Disables triple clicking the trigger button to spin the gimbal towards the user.
Motor blocked
  • Alarm tone will sound.
If any of the gimbal’s motor are blocked or under load, the gimbal will pause its motors if the blocking issue persists for over 30 seconds.
Continuous auto focus
  • Hold the Camera Control Button down halfway.
Will engage continuous auto focusing on applicable cameras.
Balance Test
  • Configuration > Settings > More > Balance Test
  • Tilt the gimbal sideways when Balance Test is performed for a more accurate result.
Performs a balance test for all motors. An ‘Excellent’ result across all motors is desired.
Stick calibration
  • Click trigger x4 times and hold down on the fourth click.
  • All three LED lights will flash.
  • Move the joystick in all directions, rotating clockwise and anti-clockwise.
  • Click trigger x4 times and hold down on the fourth click again to save.
If the gimbal drifts on its own, perform this calibration.
Offset calibration
  • Configuration > Motor Parameters > More.
  • Tap and hold ‘Joint Angle’ for 5 seconds.
  • Offset Calibration dialogue will pop up, do not click OK just yet…
  • Using the joystick, position the gimbal so it’s straight in all axis.
  • When satisfied all axis are level, click OK.
Calibrates the gimbal if the default pitch / roll / yaw positions are off-center.

Note: you must ensure your gimbal is on a stable and level surface prior to this calibration


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4 Responses

  1. HI thanks for this guide, is super usefull!
    I’m interested in the Offset calibration. As I’m trying to get my ronin s to do some complex shots in vehicles, sometimes I feel the need to set an irregular center, for instance, pointing to a talent inside the car, that is the reference for the moment I press “Center” the camera comes back to the frame I already set.
    But in the Ronin S forum, a person from DJI advice against using Offset Calibration, unless some creepy error is resulted from a missbalance, not used in a creative way. The question is: is it to difficult to go back to the normal center of the gimbal? What do you think?
    Thanks again, a lot.

  2. I have a question, If I press M Button – the led is red instead yellow for the sport mode- what is wrong ?
    If I have press the M twice – the gimbal turn 90 degree and the camera move to the top


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