Battery got Stuck in the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Stuck Battery? Read on…

I recently had my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K delivered, good times.

The other day I tested an LP-E6 coupler (dummy battery) and it got stuck in the BMPCC4K’s battery bay, like… proper stuck.

After a lot of gentle pissing about I managed to get the coupler out, only to plonk a normal battery back in – which got stuck as well!

Taking it gingerly, i.e, not ramming screwdrivers in there or using heavy-handed technical taps, I eventually managed to get the battery out by sliding two cable ties either side of the battery, then waggling them, while holding the camera upside down.

I then immediately noticed what the issue was… there is a thick, metal backed (serial number) sticker on the inside of the BMPCC4K’s battery compartment which had got scrunched up.

  • LP-E6 Coupler / Dummy Battery
    LP-E6 Coupler / Dummy Battery
  • The Offending Sticker
    The Offending Sticker
  • BMPCC4K Cleaned Battery Bay
    Cleaned Battery Bay

Removing the sticker solved all the issues. The coupler and batteries all slide in/out perfectly fine now. It takes a while to get all the glue out, I used Isopropyl Alcohol, a lint free cloth, and elbow grease (free).

Long story short, if you’re having similar issues, or even if you’ve just got the camera… get that damn sticker out of there pronto!

Let me know if this helps. Cheers!


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  1. Mine got stuck as well. I used an aftermarket battery that appears to be the same size as the battery shipped with the BMPCC 4k. Unfortunately I could not get the battery out for the life of me. I called up Black Magic and they sent shipping label and a week later a whole new camera is being shipped. They probably realized the terrible fault of the camera and found a way to fix it with the new body they are sending. An inconvenient issue but glad BM resolved it appropriately.

    • I had the same problem with the 6K. They said to send it in….the technician said it came out without issue. He thought maybe the battery got too hot and expanded. I told him it was in there for 2 days before sending it to them.

  2. Just documenting my experience here: My battery also got stuck and it took an almighty fling (whilst still holding on to the camera) to eject the battery. Upon doing so, this also snapped a tiny teeny little trigger switch from inside the battery compartment which tells the camera that a battery is inserted. The camera would then no longer power on via battery alone so I sent mine back to CVP for a replacement unit without hassle. The battery I used when this happened was an actual official and legitimate Canon LP-E6 battery from my 5DmkII. I shall be removing my compartment sticker for sure!

  3. Prasenjit Chandra

    My dummy battery got stuck today and still it’s inside the compartment, can’t get it out. Informed the dealer and let’s see what they can do.

    • A dummy battery should have a cord where you can pull the battery out with proper force. BM sent me a new camera after an aftermarket battery got stuck. I accidentally put a different after market battery in and it got stuck again! SOLUTION: drill a small hole into battery with drill bit. Then drill a sharp screw into the hole and pull out with nail in battery. It will destroy the battery but thankfully they are cheap. Better than hassle of dealing with BM. Use only stock battery from BM or Canon!!!

  4. I did what you said and now all my batteries, the Canon as well as the dummy batteries, go in and out like a charm! Am very very thankful for your information. I linked your article to two BMPCC 4K Faxebook user groups and everyone is raving happy. Thanks again! Great job!


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