"My overall focus is on creating high-quality images coupled with fastidious post production. I produce elegant shots which will excite, engage, and inspire."

I approach projects using a mixture of dynamic camera work and specialised disciplines such as aerial photography, motion controlled timelapse cinematography, sound design, and post production effects. On occasion, I partner with some very talented creators, music composers, and producers.

Building upon my strong graphic design and multimedia skills, I am a highly proficient post production specialist. I have been recognised within the tv industry for my technical ability in implementing experimental and original ideas. I always aspire to individualise my work. Recent clients include...

  • BBC
  • Getty Images
  • University of Bristol
  • Visit Bristol
  • Forestry Commission
  • Wallace & Gromit's Childrens Charity

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Filmmaking Services

  • Filming

    Various camera work including timelapse and aerial capture.

  • Editing

    Seamlessly melding moving pictures into a beautiful piece.

  • Effects

    From compositing to special effects and movie magic.

  • Grading

    Colour correction, processing, and grading looks to suit.

  • Sound Design

    Adding an extra dimension to make projects sparkle.

Project Showcase

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