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Aerial Filming

"Aerial filming and drone photography adds some serious wow factor to promotional films. Sophisticated aircraft allow for a plethora of exciting shot possibilities."

Aerial filming and drone photography, using remotely piloted aircraft systems, is an exciting specialism and the results are truly spectacular.

I offer specific footage and photography, or completely edited projects. In 2015 I pioneered the captivating 'Satlapse' technique, which is bird's eye aerial timelapse. Some of these unique shots have featured on BBC productions.

Having held a CAA Permission for Aerial Work since 2014 has empowered me to undertake commercial work safely and legally.

Recent clients include...

  • BBC
  • Wallace & Gromit's Childrens Charity
  • Visit Bristol
  • Forestry Commission
  • University of Bristol
  • MoliFilms

Professional Aerial Filming and Drone Photography

  • Who for?

    • Production Companies
    • TV broadcast
    • Advertising
    • Promotional videos
    • Events and Promotions
    • Marketing solutions
    • Architectural surveying
    • Real Estate
    • Agricultural surveying
    • Commissioned projects
  • What’s provided?

    • Multi-rotor aircraft
    • HD recording up to 4K
    • High-quality images
    • Log footage for grading
    • 1 x Remote Pilot
    • Observer Briefing1
    • Pre-deployment survey
    • Risk assessment
    • Backup aircraft
    • Safety equipment
  • Credentials

    • CAA Permission to Operate2
    • RPQ-s (SUA)3 qualification
    • Air safety trained
    • Accident management trained
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Extensive experience
    • Aerial Production Process

    CAA Approved Aerial Photographer

1. An observer is mandatory, an assistant can be supplied for a fee. 2. CAA Operator ID: 514 click here to verify. 3. Remote Pilot Qualification (Small Unmanned Aircraft)

Hire me for your project

I am fully committed to acquiring incredible shots for my clients. I carry out very detailed pre-operation planning and safety checks.

  • Aerial Filming and Drone Photography
  • Drone Filming and Aerial Photography
  • Aerial Videogrpahy and Photography

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